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Orientation to Offshore

Eight Day Program

Indicators reflect that with the activity of the offshore oil and gas industry, a ten year cycle of stable, controlled growth lies ahead. Industry watchers forecast predictable growth in the Gulf of Mexico with increased direction towards deep water activities over the next several years. Along with this level of activity comes a constant need for employees and training. Every level of employee is needed to feed the hunger of this world-wide industry.

No level of employee is needed more than the entry level position, or laborer. That first level of employment known as "roustabout" or "rigger" serves a multitude of labor needs. Employees successful in these positions begin training for higher job classifications.

This is also the level that requires the most upfront training and investment, on behalf of the employer, to prepare a person for the position. Government regulations and industry guidelines require a basic level of safety and environmental training for all employees before they go into an offshore work environment.

The International Petroleum Training Institute provides a eight day training program that prepares new employees for offshore employment. The training program is simply called Orientation to Offshore. The course is designed to aquaint the new hire to life, and work, on an offshore facility. It combines classroom instruction with hands-on experience on an authentic offshore platform to gain realistic knowledge of the offshore experience.

In providing the required training certifications, this training program is designed to give the participants an advantage in the job market when seeking offshore employment. It also gives the human resource managers an informational edge when recruiting qualified offshore entry-level personnel.

The Training Institute has gained a reputation as a leader in the field of education as a leader in the field of education and training for the offshore industries. Training in this unique, realistic offshore setting sets the level and quality of candidate preparedness above those trainees of other types of training facilities.

The real-time training program is provided aboard an authentic offshore drilling rig, known as "Mr. Charlie." The rig was constructed in 1954 and was the first transportable offshore drilling rig.

All trainees live aboard the rig throughout the training course. They sleep in crew quarters with four bunks per room. They eat all meals in the dining hall at offshore mealtime schedules. Training is divided between classroom experience and time on the work deck. First-hand experience is gained by actually using appropriate safety equipment, hand tools, cables and slings, hand signals, lift equipment and a wide array of skills needed offshore.

All physical exams and drug screens are conducted prior to the beginning of classes aboard the rig. Candidates successfully completing the twelve day training program will receive certificates of completion for FA / CPR, Rigging & Handling Loads Safely, Offshore Water Survival, Confined Space Entry, Reparatory Protection, Lockout / Tagout, Personal Protection Equipment, Hazwoper Awareness, Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting, Rig Pass and/or PEC.

All candidates completing this course will be qualified to begin work at the entry level position of roustabout or rigger with all appropriate certifications.



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