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A Photo History

Page Six


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Under tow, "Mr. Charlie" goes to work for the first time, 1954.
The historic drilling rig "Mr. Charlie", circa 1954. Enroute to his first drilling job at East Bay, south of New Orleans. The column-stabilized rig design launches the offshore industry. Click to see larger image


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On drilling location 1954, south of New Orleans.
All systems are GO. "Mr. Charlie" drilling his first well, for Shell Oil. Click to see larger image


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1955, following the launch of "Mr. Charlie", Alton J. "Doc" Laborde launched the "Ebb Tide". A radical new design in oilfeild support vessels, this boat featured a cabin-forward design that became the standard for the industry.
The "Ebb Tide", with its forward cabin, long rear deck and low smoke stacks served the needs of the offshore industry. It was easier to load and offload than the surplus Navy vessels or the converted fishing boats. Click to see a larger image


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A new flat top, 1962. With the advent of the helicopter's use in offshore transportation, the historic rig loses its peaked roof and a heliport is added over the living quarters.
The 1962 look for "Mr. Charlie". On drilling location following the addition of the heliport. Click to see a larger image


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