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A Photo History

Page Three


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A view through the reclining rig derrick, across the piperack, aboard "Mr. Charlie".
With the amount of equipment required on a platform the size of "Mr. Charlie", space is at a minimum. Click to see larger image


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The equipment requires constant attention and there is little room for errors.

*SPECIAL NOTICE: Anyone knowing the identity of this former "Mr. Charlie" worker, please contact the museum office.
Working in the tight spaces of the engine room wasn't for the faint of heart. Click to see larger image


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Inside, the galley is as busy as the drill floor. Cooking for a hungry crew is hard work.
When they were not working or sleeping, the men were eating. Food is good for more than nutrition, it also helps the morale of the crew. Click to see a larger image


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Life aboard the historic rig is communal. Group living means living in close quarters.

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